A suggestion to members that wish to enter into a Partial Payment Plan with BRPOA for 2018 Assessments: You are urged to do that early which will reduce your monthly payments. Please come by the office @ your convenience to make these arrangements.  The  2018 Payment Plan Form is attached below.

2018 Payment Plan Agreement.pdf

Underground Storage Tanks

BRPOA is requesting information on the existence of Member's underground storage tanks used for heating oil and gasoline storage.  Please contact the office or email dwkelly.brs@comcast.net.

924 South Lakeshore Drive
Louisa, Virginia 23093




May-June 2017 Shore Line.pdf

July-August 2017 Shore Line.pdf

September-October 2017 Shore Line.pdf

November-December 2017 Shore Line.pdf

January-February 2018 Shore Line.pdf

Committees and Clubs 

Five-Year Plan Committee

Joe Brown, Chairperson
Greg Belgard
William Earhart
Jane T. Sleight
William Munday

Compliance Committee

Donna Frago, Chairperson
Smokie Craig
Karen Foussekis
Paul Glass

The Compliance Committee adjudicates complaints and violations related to BRPOA By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and Recorded Restrictions as adopted by the Board of Directors where not otherwise vested in another committee or assigned to the General Manager.  When requested by the Board of Directors, the Committee provides interpretation of the BRPOA Rules and Regulations.  

The Chairman of this committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to serve a one year term.  The Chairman is a current or former member of the Board of Directors.  The two members and four Alternates remain until the Annual Meeting.

Finance Committee 

William Earhart, Chairperson
Laura Foussekis
Andrea Maleter
Anne McGregor
Linda Munday

The purpose of the BRPOA Finance Committee is charged with preliminary planning and development of the Association’s annual budget for presentation to the Board of Directors for their consideration and approval.  The committee is also charged with advising and making recommendations throughout the fiscal year regarding monetary budget execution and financial status.  This shall include, but not be limited to, recommending sources of income, investments, expenditures and allocation of funds.  The committee shall also serve as a resource for the president and other committees in resolving other financial matters and considerations.   

The committee shall consist of four members in addition to the BRPOA Treasurer who shall serve as Finance Committee Chairperson. 

Community Services Committee

Vacant, Chairperson
Casey Birckhead, Vice-Chair
Dave Cervantes, Treasurer
Janice Treakle, Secretary

The Community Services Committee (CSC) plans, conducts and oversees officially authorized BRPOA recreational and social activities.  The CSC, is the only organization within Blue Ridge Shores authorized to conduct fund-raising activities to finance un-budgeted functions, selected equipment, and capital improvements associated with recreational and social activities approved by the Board of Directors.  The CSC manages and accounts for monies raised for these purposes.  In cooperation with the General Manager, the CSC manages the Community Center and its associated property. 

The CSC requests volunteer participation from the membership in support of activities throughout the year.  The CSC schedules and conducts business meetings to plan, coordinate and assign responsibilities for its recreational and social programs.  The CSC submits a budget to the Board of Directors.  The status of programs is reported by the CSC Chairperson or the Board Liaison Officer at scheduled Board of Directors meetings. 

Lake Committee 

Molli Ellis & Joe Brown, Co-Chairs
Greg Clayton
Herb Bauer
Greg Belgard
Mark McClung 
Donna Morris
Laura Talbott

The Lake  Committee is charged with oversight of all aspects of the maintenance, repair and any improvements of the dam, lake and bridge.  In conjunction with the General Manager and appropriate professionals, the Committee is responsible for the timely collection of data concerning the status of the dam, lake and bridge.  The Committee is also charged with the task of analyzing the data gathered and preparation of the reports and recommendations to the Board of Directors in order to maintain, preserve and improve, where appropriate, the quality and condition of the dam, lake and bridge.  

The Lake Management Committee may also be tasked with conducting specific projects or resolving specific issues directly impacting the condition of the lake, dam and bridge from time to time by the Board of Directors.  The Committee will perform those tasks necessary to prepare recommendations to the Board for solving the specific problem or issue faced by BRPOA is preserving the dam, lake and bridge. 

Women’s Club 

Susan Fletcher, President
Judy Brown, 1st Vice President
Mary Ann Belair, 2nd Vice President
Shirley Mann, Secretary
                       , Treasurer

The Women's Club at Blue Ridge Shores is established as an auxiliary unit under the auspices of the Community Services Committee (CSC).  The Club shall retain its autonomy in conducting those fund raising activities, such as Flea market and White Elephant Sales, and its separate dues structure, that support its philanthropic objectives.  Club objectives are to encourage positive community involvement; to promote growth in the cultural arts, e.g. history, literature, drama, music; to provide assistance (both short term and long range) to those who exhibit a need, whether social, emotional, physical, or economic; and to appreciate fellowship and our environment. The membership consists of Blue Ridge Shores' residents and associate members from surrounding communities .   

Safety & Security Committee 

Smokie Craig & Rick Gray, Co-Chairs
Casey Birckhead
Kimberly Connor
Vicki Cook
Bill Haase

As an agent of the BRPOA Board of Directors, the Security and Safety Committee shall review, monitor and develop capabilities, practices and procedures to assure the safety and well being of BRPOA members, guests and employees.  These functions include the protection of both private and public property within the boundaries of Blue Ridge Shores.  A committee chair is selected by the BRPOA Board of Directors.  The committee consists of no less then 5 members, no more then 7 members.  The chairman is reappointed annually thereafter. 

Landscape Committee  

Linda Munday and Donna Frago, Co-Chairs 
Herb Bauer
Larry & Jeannie Blake
Thomas & Debra Bowman
Joe & Judy Brown
Tina Caputy
Doug Frago
William Munday
Jeff & Cheryl Seibert
Sandy Sierk
Betsy & Walt Williams

The Landscape Committee is a standing committee of the BRPOA Board of Directors.  The Committee’s primary purpose is the planning, improving, enhancing the appearance of existing and proposed grounds comprising the common property of BRPOA. The Landscape Committee is comprised of volunteer members/renters of the BRPOA community.  The Board of Directors appoints the Committee Chairperson annually.  

Joint Personnel Committee 

Hal Davis, Chairperson
Al Fortune, Vice Chair
Judy Brown
Jane T. Sleight
Stephen Tompkins

As a Joint Committee of BRPOA, Inc. and Ridge Utilities, Inc. (RU) Boards of Directors, the Personnel Committee serves as an advisory panel for both Boards of Directors on matters pertaining to personnel. 

The Committee consists of five members.  The Chairperson is designated as the First Vice-President of the BRPOA Board of Directors.  Prior to the June meeting, the Chairperson shall select one sitting BRPOA Board member.  The Vice-President of the RU Board of Directors shall represent RU on the Personnel Committee and select one sitting RU Board member.  The Presidents of the Boards of Directors of BRPOA and RU shall select one member in good standing not serving on either Board from the membership at large, completing the five-member Committee. 

 The Presidents of BRPOA and RU and the General Manager serve as non-voting, ex officio members of the Personnel Committee. 

The Personnel Committee reviews and makes recommendations relating to but not limited to, personnel policies, personnel structure, position descriptions, wages, benefits, and awards.  The Committee also submits budgetary recommendations and advise both Boards on the Personnel Manual. 

 The Personnel Committee addresses personnel complaints and grievances, making recommendations to both Boards of Directors on the resolution of such matters which are unable to be resolved by first following the designated supervisory structure. 

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Trash Collection Schedule

Trash is now being picked up on Mondays Only.  The Updike container may be placed at the street property line no earlier than the day before the scheduled pickup and should be returned to a location shielded from view within the property line by the end of the pickup day.  

Aerobics Classes

Classes are M/W/F beginning at 9:00 a.m.  The exercise will be conducted utilizing both VHS/DVD exercise programs on the large screen TV.  There is no charge, but a waiver must be signed with the understanding that participation is at one's own risk. 


News & Information​

Virginia Boating Safety Class
Section II, Policies, Rules, and Registration; D. Boats requires that all Motorboat Operators complete this class or an equivalent and present proof of Compliance to receive their boating registration this year, (2018). This policy has been phased in since 2011 and effective July 1, 2016 all operators of motor boats regardless of age, shall meet the requirements. If you have completed this class in another State and have that certificate of completion, it will meet the BRS requirements. An operator under direct supervision of an individual who has met this requirement is not required to take this class.

The Office cannot issue 2018 registration/decals unless the above requirements are met and a copy of completion is submitted for your file.

Upcoming Meetings

Lake Committee Meeting

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Association Office

Members' Not in Good Standing Hearing

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Association Office

BRPOA Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Association Office

Compliance Committee Hearing

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Association Office


Many of you will remember that around 25 years ago, Lake Louisa had much of a type of grass called hydrilla.  This is an invasive aquatic plant originally imported into the U.S. to be used in aquariums and sometimes called "water kudzu" because it grows so fast.  Hydrilla became so thick in the lake that many of the coves were unsuitable for swimming or wading and it even became difficult to operate boats in these areas because the hydrilla and other underwater vegetation(not the common carp found in most rivers, lakes and ponds) hydrilla has been eliminated from the lake.  Hydrilla was also a problem at Lake Anna and was similarly controlled by using grass carp.

While we have not seen any evidence that hydrilla is making a comeback in Lake Louisa, it is definitely making a comeback in Lake Anna and other rivers and lakes in Virginia. We do not want to have a recurrence in our lake.  Hydrilla is easily spread by introducing even very small pieces into the water.  Therefore, everyone that uses their boats in other lakes or rivers is strongly encouraged to carefully check the boat, motor, propeller, and trailer and thoroughly rinse them off before launching in Lake Louisa.  Do not allow the runoff from this to enter the lake.  Much more information can be found by doing a simple internet search on "hydrilla in Virginia waters".  Your cooperation will help protect the health of our lake.

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