Blue Ridge Shores
924 S. Lakeshore Dr.

Louisa, VA  23093

P: 540-967-1408
F: 540-967-4899



​Tennis and Basketball Courts

Blue Ridge Shores offers the use of the Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts to our residents.  Located at the main beach, you can enjoy the conveniences of the beach, marina, community center and lake.  The Tennis Court is locked, but you can check out a key from our office to keep for your use.  
These facilities are only a few of the many amenities enjoyed by all.

The Lake:

Fishing and Boating 

Lake Louisa is a man made lake with approximately five miles of shoreline.  Residents enjoy fishing, water skiing, tubing, swimming and boating. 
The lake is plenty in bass, carp, catfish, perch.  A fishing license is required while fishing in a boat or on the shoreline. 
Blue Ridge Shores is dedicated to boating safety.  We have restrictions concerning boat size, horsepower, wake and no-wake zones, traffic patterns, etc.  Due to the size of the lake and for the safety of our residents and their families, no jet-ski's are permitted on the lake.
All motorized and non-motorized boats must be registered with the Blue Ridge Shores Office.  To register a motorized boat, please provide a copy of the state registration, proof of insurance, and proof of completion of boater safety course.  We must have current documentation on file to issue or renew boat decals annually.  There is also an annual boat registration fee for all motorized boats based on horsepower.  Non-motorized boats, such as a kayak, canoe, paddleboats, john boats powered by electric motor, etc.  must be registered as well and have a one-time registration as well.  
For specific lake and boating restrictions consult our Bylaws.
For more information on Virginia Boating Safety classes visit:  Boat Virginia 


The main beach Marina at Blue Ridge Shores is home to 38 boat slips.  There are 15 slips located in two other locations found around the lake.  Members can rent boat slips for a fee and will have the right of first refusal each year.
The gas pump at the marina is available 24 hours a day with the purchase of a FOB.  You can get a FOB and put gas on it at the office.  For more information on available slips or gas FOBs, contact the office at 540-967-1408 during normal business hours.

Beaches and Playgrounds
There are three beach areas around the lake.  They are complete with playground equipment, permanent umbrellas and picnic tables.

Community Center
The community center is a 1100 square foot building complete with full kitchen facilities.  The center is used for community programs such as pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, family movie night, etc.  Members can rent the center for a fee which allows full access.  

Rental Fees:

3 hours or less: $150 plus $50 deposit

4 Hours or more: $300 plus $50 deposit

(Deposit is refundable if the Community Center is cleaned after your rental)

Community Center Rental PDF.pdf

Walking Trails

In April 1990, the Rocky Glen Nature Trail was opened.  It is approximately 1/2 mile long, winding through a nine acre plot.  The access is located on Ash Road and is marked with a sign.  There are over 80 identified species of native flora along the trail.  There are benches and bridges to make the walk easy as well as pleasurable.  

The Brook 'n Dale Trail was opened at the end of Pine Road  on the North side of the lake.  It too contains a multitude of native flora, benches and bridges.

Rocky Glen Nature Trail.pdf

Brook N Dale Trail.pdf

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