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924 South Lakeshore Drive
Louisa, Virginia 23093


The idea of creating a recreational and retirement development originated with Dr. I.E. Byrd, an educator from Washington, D.C.  He bought over 700 acres of land and planned an elaborate complex consisting of a hotel , golf course, shopping and dining facilities and well as an area for vacationers.  His dreams were larger than his funds, however, he was forced to abandon the project.  He sold the property by 1958 to the American Realty Corporation and within a year Blue Ridge Shores, Inc. (not to be confused with Blue Ridge Shores Property Owners Association) was formed.  By 1960 the first dam was built filling the lake, an office and a few cottages were built, and than advertising campaign started.  In April 1960 the present Blue Ridge Property Owners Association (BRPOA) was established with a three-person Board of Directors, the first act in the long process of disassociation from the realty company and becoming an independent community.  By 1963 control of the development was turned over to the new association by American Realty.  Many problems faced the fledgling community as they established a dues structure, repaired existing buildings and docks, and staffed administration and management positions.

August 1969 brought hurricane Camille that nearly destroyed the development.  Eleven inches of rain fell in a twelve hour period.  The dam collapsed draining the lake.  The Board of Directors immediately took steps to rebuild the dam, set up a fund to finance the project, and reassure residents about the future of the development.  The new dam was completed and dedicated on Memorial Day, 1970.

Two years later, Hurricane Agnes severely damaged the spillway.  The lake was lowered and repairs were made.  When another storm hit in October 1972, more damages were done but the reinforced spillway saved the lake.

In the succeeding years, we have experienced additional severe storms.  In June 1995, flooding caused extensive damage to the office complex, Marina, Community Center, bridge, and our water system pipeline.  BRS volunteers and private contractors repaired the damages.  Once again, the spillway and dam withstood the ravages of a storm that brought us over ten inches of rain in an eight hour time period.​​

About Blue Ridge Shores 
​Louisa County & Local Information

Blue Ridge Shores History

​The land encompassing Blue Ridge Shores (BRS) was originally part of the estate of Thomas Ellis, whose vast holdings by 1800 included a mill, cobbler's shop, wheelwright, blacksmith shop, general store, and boasted an efficient stage coach line to such destinations as Orange Springs and the University of Virginia.

Blue Ridge Shores
924 S. Lakeshore Dr.

Louisa, VA  23093

P: 540-967-1408
F: 540-967-4899

Louisa County Government

Louisa County is governed by a seven-member Board of Supervisors, elected by citizens to serve four-year terms representing each of the County’s voting districts. The Board of Supervisors regularly meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Public Meeting Room in the Louisa County Administration Building. The public is invited to speak during Citizens Information Period at the beginning of each meeting. Public hearings are scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. 

The Board of Supervisors is responsible for planning, developing and regulating growth throughout Louisa County, as well as maintaining current county operations and services. The Board is also responsible for setting tax rates and the county’s budget. 

To assist the county, the Board of Supervisors appoints individuals (generally county residents) to various Commissions and Committees. These groups provide advisory support to the Board regarding numerous aspects of county government.  

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Thomas Jefferson Elementary 
1782 Jefferson Hwy., Louisa, VA 540-967-0492

Trevilians Elementary School 
2035 S Spotswood Trl., Louisa, VA 540-967-1180

Moss Nuckols Elementary School
2055 Courthouse Road, Louisa, VA 540-967-1347

Louisa County Middle School 
1009 Davis Hwy., Mineral, VA 540-894-5457

Louisa County High School
757 Davis Hwy., Mineral, VA 540-894-5436

Jouett Elementary School
315 Jouett School Rd., Mineral, VA 540-872-3931

Louisa County: Louisa County Public School Board  
953 Davis Hwy #100, Mineral, VA 540-894-5115

Louisa County Churches and Schools

Blue Ridge Shores Baptist Church

1230 Firehouse Drive

Louisa (540) 967-0796

St James Episcopal Church
102 Ellisville Dr, Louisa - (540) 967-1665

Louisa United Methodist Church 
100 E Main St, Louisa - (540) 967-2657

Louisa Presbyterian Church
212 Church Ave, Louisa - (540) 967-3207

Memorial Baptist Church-Louisa
98 Courthouse Sq., Louisa, VA 540-967-0636

Louisa Baptist Church 
305 E Main St., Louisa, VA 540-967-1364

First Baptist Church
102 Meadow Ave., Louisa, VA 540-967-0703 

Louisa Christian Church 
104 Elm Ave., Louisa, VA 540-967-0543

New Life Community Church
509 E Main St., Louisa, VA 540-967-5655

Living Waters Fellowship
115 Jefferson Hwy, Louisa, VA 540-967-5083

Mount Zion Baptist Church
Louisa, VA 804-556-3124

St Jude's Roman Catholic Church
1937 Davis Hwy, Mineral, VA 540-894-4266

Mineral United Methodist Church
301 W Third St., Mineral, VA 540-894-0246

The Daily Progress
The Central Virginian
Culpeper Star Exponent
Orange County Review 
The Richmond Times Dispatch

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Local Utility Companies

Ridge Utilities, Inc. 
924 S. Lakeshore Drive
Louisa, VA 23093

For Emergencies Call the non-emergency Louisa County Sheriff's Office at 967-1234 and provide the following information: Name, address / lot number, phone number, identify the problem and the location of the problem.

Comcast Cable
1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278)

Direct TV
For existing DIRECTV® service
Home service: 1-800-494-4388 
Hearing impaired customers (TTY): 1-800-779-4388 
Business service: 1-888-200-4388 
Hotel/dorm/hospital service: 1-800-388-2505 

For new DIRECTV service  
Home service: 1-888-777-2454 
At your business: 1-888-388-4249
Rappahannock Electric

Southern States
(540) 672-2977 

5370: Charlottesville, VA
2305 Hunters Way
Charlottesville 22911
Call us today: 434-295-4194

3204: Richmond, VA
1701 Brook Rd.
Richmond 23220
Call us today: 804-783-9500

Blossman Propane Gas 

Duke Oil Co. Inc.
Economy Propane
Gordonsville, VA

Quarles Energy Services

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Blue Ridge Shores Land Map

For Emergencies call 911

Louisa County Sheriffs Office

Louisa Town Police 

Louisa County Department of Emergency Services 

Louisa Volunteer Fire Department 
300 East Main
Louisa, VA 23093

Mineral Volunteer Fire Department 
P. O. Box 274
Mineral, VA 23117

Bumpass Volunteer Fire Department 
P. O. Box 158
Bumpass, VA 23024

Holly Grove Volunteer Fire Department 
143 Factory Mill Road
Bumpass, VA 23024

Locust Creek Volunteer Fire Department 
Bumpass, VA 23024

Trevilians Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department
P. O. Box 1747
Louisa, VA 23093

Zions Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department 
P. O. Box 1088
Troy, VA 22974

Louisa County Volunteer Rescue Squad
P. O. Box 1777
Louisa, VA 23093

Mineral Volunteer Rescue Squad 
P. O. Box 534
Mineral, VA 23117

Holly Grove Volunteer Rescue Squad 
155 Factory Mill Road
Bumpass, VA 23024

Lake Anna Volunteer Rescue Squad 
P. O. Box 101
Bumpass, VA 23024

Crime Solvers 

Louisa County Administrative Offices 

Louisa Town Office

Mineral Town Office 

Virginia Department of Transportation 
Highway Information
800-367-ROAD (7623) - 24 hours a day             

Because minutes matter, Join your local Volunteer Fire Department or Rescue Squad!  Louisa County Department of Emergency Services P. 0. Box 160 Louisa, Virginia 23093  (540) 967-3491  your hours count!

Realtors' Listing in Blue Ridge Shores

Blue Ridge Shores has prohibited the use of real estate signs posted on properties for sale.  Instead, houses and property that is For Sale are identified by a number corresponding to the realtor listing the home or property.  For homeowners listing their own homes, look for #5.
Realtor List as of July 2022.doc
For a complete list of Realtor / Agents and corresponding stake #