Blue Ridge Shores Office
General Manager: Denny Kelly ~
Administrative Assistant: Jessica Evans ~
Manager of Fiscal Affairs:  
Maintenance:  James Hawley

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm
Sunday - Closed

Phone: 540-967-1408
Fax: 540-967-4899

Snack Shack and Marina Gas pump
Open from Memorial Day - Labor Day
Friday 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm

Ridge Utilities, Inc.

President: Alex MacCormack ~
General Manager: Denny Kelly ~
Manager of Fiscal Affairs: 
Waterworks Supervisor: George A. Kail

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm
Sunday - Closed

Phone: 540-967-1408
Fax: 540-967-4899

Ladies and Gentlemen, just a gentle reminder on reporting items that require attention but are not life threatening situations once the Office is closed. Please call Louisa County Central dispatch, 967-1234 to report the following (examples):

Water Leaks
Gates not working or a broken gate board
Tree down blocking a road
Items in the lake or loose boats
Problems with a boat located in one of the marinas
Lost & Found Animals
Cattle that may escape from local farms

There is currently and has been for many years a Standard Operating Procedure where the Dispatcher will notify  appropriate BRS Staff Members to respond.

Denny W. Kelly, General Manager




2020 BRPOA Fee Schedule

New Member/ Occupant Orientation Fee $100.00
Annual Membership Dues $275.00
Single Family Dwelling Unit Fee $1,135.00
Undeveloped Lot Fee(all adjacent and contiguous to SFDU) $70.00
Undeveloped Lot Fee (not adjacent or contiguous to SFDU lot) $310.00
Annual Rental Fee (Per Property) $50.00
Annual Boat Slip $200.00
Dry Dock Storage Fee  $15/mo or $120/yr 
Annual Motorized Boat Fee Schedule
1-10 Horsepower $50.00
11-49 Horsepower $75.00
50-99 Horsepower $125.00
100-149 Horsepower $150.00
150-199 Horsepower $175.00
200-249 Horsepower $200.00
250 & Above Horsepower $250.00
Non-motorized Boat One-Time Registration Fee  $    25.00
Lake Use Violations (Per Occurrence)  $    50.00
Gate Cards (Each)  $    25.00
Gate Damage (Per Occurrence)  $  250.00
Annual Golf Cart Registration $50.00
Security Violations $50.00
Community Center Rental (Daily)  $  150.00
Deposit for BRS Community Center Rental  $    50.00
Exclusive Pavillion Rental / Reservation First 3 hours $50 Each Additional hour $25
Deposit for Pavillion Reservation  $    50.00
Disclosure Packet  $  150.00
Property Transfer Fee  $    50.00
Realtor Sign  $    10.00
Building Permit for House/ New Construction $6,000
Road Maintenance/ New Construction $4,000
Building Permit for Additions  $  100.00
Building Permit for Pier, Seawall, Garage, Boathouse, Shed  $    50.00
Convenience Fee, Credit Card Usage 2.5%
Fax In/Out $.50 page/$1.00 page
Copies $.15 per page
Membership Mailing Labels $18.00
Building Permit Fee will be reduced by 10% of each year, for a maximum of 10 years, that a member in "Good Standing" has owned that lot on which new construction of a single family dwelling unit is built.  There is a one-time credit and applies to owners of record prior to 1/12/13.

Blue Ridge Shores

Where family and friends come together for fun year round!

Blue Ridge Property Owners Association Board of Directors

Jane Sleight - President ~ ~ Term 2020-2023
Hal Davis- 1st Vice President ~ ~ Term 2020-2023

Ken White-2nd VIce President- - Term 2020-2023
William S. Earhart- Treasurer ~ ~ Term 2018-2021
Dan Kilcoyne - Secretary- -  Term 2019-2022

Michael Burnett- Director ~ ~ Term 2020-2022

Anthony Gallardy- Director- Term 2020-2023
David Kronander - Director - ~ Term 2018-2021
Mary A. Mainland - Director  - Term 2018-2021